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Gratitude Letter Exercise

This video that explains the potential impact a Letter of Gratitude can have on the writer and the person who receives this gesture of appreciation. Writing a Letter of Gratitude can lift your spirits and that of the person who receives your letter.

Spend some time reflecting about a person who did something for you, taught you something, shared something with you, or had a positive impact on your life. The letter you write is meant to express the deep gratitude that you have for the person you select.

You can choose a relative, friend, teacher, neighbor, colleague, or even someone who you see often but don’t usually engage with such as a retail worker, a medical professional, or someone who offers a service.

The person you choose may be living or deceased; and this can be someone you’ve never met before such as a grandparent who was gone by the time you were born. You can select a person that you haven’t thought about for a long time, or you can choose a recent act or event with someone you have not known for long.

You may decide to read your letter aloud to the recipient either in person or through some other method such as Face Time.

These steps can guide you through your writing process:

1. Write your letter as though you are addressing this person directly (“Dear ______”).

2. To show your respect for them, write using your best writing skills.

3. Describe in specific terms what this person did, why you are grateful to this person, and how this person’s behavior affected your life. Try to be as concrete as possible.

4. Describe what you are doing in your life now and how you often remember his or her efforts.

5. If you want to enhance your letter, you can add some artwork or a photo that may also tell the story with an image.

*Submitted by one of our very own Writing Faculty Colleagues.

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