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Social Wellness

Social wellness begins from the time you’re born and involves the relationships that help you learn how to navigate the world. It teaches you how to interact with others, express yourself, and interact with different communities around you. Maintaining positive social habits can help you balance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health while allowing an opportunity to participate positively in society. When focusing on your social wellness it is important to focus on communicating needs, feelings, thoughts, and desires as well as actively listening to others. Here are five guidelines that can assist with cultivating your habits of social wellness.

  1. Practice Self Care: Self care can allow you to find a balance in your life that will allow you to be better prepared to deal with the obstacles that arise in your life. Self care embraces basic activities of daily living such as getting enough sleep, bathing, eating healthy and exercise. It also involves using positive coping skills to manage stress, and relax through fulfilling our creative outlets such as crafts, sports, hiking, or social interactions with friends and family.

  2. Check-in with Yourself: Identifying your personal needs, preferences and values and learning how to communicate them to the people around you is a guideline of social wellness. This allows you to engage in positive relationships with people who have similar interests and values.

  3. Limit Self-Criticism: Getting caught up in self-critical thinking can cause low self esteem, and contribute to other mental health issues. This leads to an inhibition of social interactions.

  4. Take Ownership of your Part: In any relationship there are two people involved and each contributes to any positive or negative situation that may arise. Learning how to properly take responsibility for your actions can allow conflict to end and maintain the relationship.

  5. Appreciate Yourself and Others: Give your energy to positives rather than negatives can keep you happier, healthier and more hopeful. Regularly acknowledging the positive qualities you see in yourself and others is important to maintaining healthy relationships.

Maintaining social wellness takes intention, energy, time and effort. It requires attention throughout our entire lives. Using these guidelines can help you ensure continued growth through your social wellness.

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