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Why are we moving to Sharecare?

  • It's an EASIER, more convenient way to keep track of your challenges, goals, and POINTS

  • PLUS, there's no need to turn in tracking sheets at the end of the year

Do I need to register for an account with Sharecare?

  • YES! Your BCBS Member portal DOES NOT transfer over. You MUST create a Sharecare account. 

  • Instructions below-Slide 2 of Navigation PDF.

  • How-to video

Do my point requirements stay the same? 

  • As always, members MUST, at a minimum, complete the Real Age Test (Health Assessment) and complete Biometric Screening each year along with workshops and challenges to meet the minimum points required for the $260 or $500 reward.

  • Click Here for Point System

  • You will require 15 points to achieve the $260 reward

  • You will require 24 points to achieve the $500 reward

What about the tracking sheets?

  • Tracking sheets will NO LONGER be collected. You will continue to receive confirmation emails upon completion of attended workshops and challenges. 

  • Use the self tracking sheet as a tool to keep track of each individual class/challenge you attend. Do not turn the sheet into Wellness.

What about ongoing monthly challenges?

  • Same as before - upon completion of individual ongoing programs, i.e. Individual Fitness Log, Veg Out Challenge, etc - Send completion materials to  

  • You will receive confirmation emails of completion upon turn in.

What is the deadline to input my points into Sharecare?

  • Deadline to account for your points remains May 31, 2021 

  • Points must be annotated in the Sharecare Portal to receive credit for next year's Pima Healthy Rewards (PHR).


When will you check to see if I've completed my points?

  • Starting February - May 2021, we will run reports through the Sharecare portal to verify members completed points. 

  • It is still each member's responsibility to ensure they accurately account for their participation points.


What happens if I do not use Sharecare?

  • You will not earn points towards next year's reward money. Sharecare MUST be used to account for point accumulation.

Where do I attest that I've completed my workshop/challenge points?

  • If you have attended workshops/challenges and have met the 12 point requirement, you can go into the Employer Self Attestation and answer "Yes" to that question. ​

  • Wellness has a database of all the classes you attend and will verify on our end that you have met the requirement

  • You will not be able to input individual classes by name but simply attest that you have completed the requirement.

How do I delete something that I accidentally attested to?

  • Unfortunately, you are not able to reset or delete any of the sections. You will need to contact and let us know. We will then put you on our list to deduct the points from our final report in May.

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