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Diabetes Awareness

November is National Diabetes Month and your Employee Wellness Program is taking this month to promote Diabetes Awareness!

Here are some ideas to raise diabetes awareness this month:

1. Educate yourself about risk factors that lead to diabetes and affect vulnerable populations. You can read more about it here!

2. Find or start a diabetes support group. 

3. Support healthcare policies that have a positive impact on individuals with diabetes.

4. Take the Big Blue Test (

5. Encourage people to find if they are at risk. 

6. Attend a Diabetes 4-Part Series hosted by your Wellness Program. Dates/times will be announced for Feb. 2021

7. Contact a specialist: Pima County Health Department’s Linda Dingle, RN, is available to talk about and council on Diabetes concerns. Contact: (520) 724-5307 to set up an appointment 

Take a diabetes risk assessment and find out if you are at risk!


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