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Hiking in Tucson

If you like adventures and hiking you probably enjoy living in Tucson. With the Fall season officially started, hiking lovers can finally enjoy the beautiful hiking trails that Pima County has to offer. Here are a few hikes you can enjoy if you live in Tucson or you are planning to visit. JUST remember to bring sunscreen, follow social distancing guidelines, and bring more WATER than you think you will need.

1. Seven Falls (easy-moderate)

  • 6-mile round trip hike

  • Estimate around 4-5 hours hiking

  • Waterfall at the end of the hike

  • Popular hike (might be too crowded)

2. Tanque Verde Falls (moderate-difficult)

  • Short hike

  • 80 ft waterfall

  • Further up you the less people you see!

  • Avoid during monsoon season

3. Tumamoc Hill (easy-moderate)

  • 3-mile round trip

  • Spectacular view of the city

  • Paved road

  • Popular hike (might be too crowded)

4. Yetman Trail (moderate-hard)

  • 12-mile round trip

  • Well-maintained path

  • Located in Tucson Mountain Park

  • The trail takes you to the “Stone House”

5. Blackett’s Ridge (Difficult)

  • 1700 feet in elevation gain over 6 miles

  • Easily accessible

  • No pets allowed

  • Perfect social media picture

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