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Holiday Safety - COVID-19 Edition

With Thanksgiving and the Holidays coming up, we're all wondering... is it safe to visit family?

Make sure to always take measures for your safety and the safety of those around you:

  1. Wear a mask

  2. Wash your hands

  3. Socially distance

  4. Avoid crowds

Here are a few other tips to stay safe during the holidays:

  1. Get your flu shot ASAP

  2. Start quarantining

  3. Quarantine upon arrival and get tested if you can

  4. Wear a mask, except when eating

  5. Have your celebration outside

  6. If you can't have your celebration outside, open windows and doors

  7. Avoid inviting strangers- keep your circle small

Remember that COVID-19 is still here and affecting many people.

Read more about the CDC recommendations HERE!

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