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How to be comfortable while working from HOME!

We know that working from home is something that most people aren't used to. In these past few months, many people have been working from home. Here are some tips to keep in mind while working from home!

  1. Keep a Dedicated Office Space: Yes, we may not all have a whole office we can dedicate as for "work only" but we can dedicate a part of a room, a certain chair, or a certain desk that we can use for work only. That way, we aren't tempted to sit in bed all day while working!

  2. Set Real Working Hours: It's easy to just work and work and work. Especially when you're home all day! Be sure to set hard hours for you to work. Maybe you'll find that you're more productive. When you are focused on your work during these hours, you'll also find that you have a lot of free time outside working hours!

  3. Don't work in your PJs: Trust me, I know how tempting it is to work in your PJs. Honestly, I still do it sometimes! BUT, I have realized that I am not as productive when I sit in my PJs all day. Put on some nice clothes to help you get in the mindset of working.

  4. Exercise and stretch: Feeling groggy throughout the day can really but a damper on your mood, especially when you have so many things to do. An easy way to fix this is to get moving! Develop a short morning stretch routine or afternoon exercise regimen and stick to it! It'll really help boost your mood, your health, and your life!

  5. Eat healthy meals and snacks: One thing that I'm always looking forward to is food. When being at home for the majority of the day, it's easy to just get takeout. Planning healthy meals and snacks for the week will save your money and your health! We have an upcoming webinar series called Eating Healthy on a Budget that would definitely help with this!

If you'd like see more tips, check out this website HERE!

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