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Managing your stress by MOVING!

We all know how stressful the times are right now. With learning how to work from home to being confined to home for awhile, it's as stressful as ever.

That is why now is the best time to get moving. Any form of exercise, whether it be a jog in the morning or dancing in your garage, we need to get MOVING!

Physical activity pumps your endorphins in your brain, feel-good neurotransmitters. It also improves your mood, self-confidence, and sleep!

How can you be successful in doing this?

1. Set a GOAL! Working towards something will keep you motivated

2. Move with a household member! It can be your pet or your family! If you live alone, you can do this through video calling

3. Changing your routine! Do something different each day. That way, you won't get tired of the same workout

4. Exercise in increments! Move for smaller increments of time so that it can fit into your schedule better

Let go of your daily frustrations and tensions you may have. Read more about this here!

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