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Do You Get Enough Sleep?

A lack of sleep has been a topic researchers, doctors, and journalists have learned about more in recent years. Lack of sleep has become such an important issue, the CDC is considering it a public health issue. Sleep is an essential element to life, and more than a third of Americans are lacking the daily minimum hours of sleep that is needed to function optimally. This post will focus on a few of the most common sleep related issues and their solutions.

Trouble Falling Asleep

How you behave during your day can influence your sleep, and vice versa. Sleep can be optimized by burning off energy during the day, this allows your body to properly go into rest mode. Sleep can be induced by:

  • Starting a ritual such as a warm shower or bath before sleep

  • Creating the ideal environment by making the bedroom as dark as possible, and avoiding blue light

  • Keeping the room cool

  • Clearing your mind this can often be done by journaling or meditating

  • Eating a light, whole foods based dinner

  • Being consistent with your bed and wake up time

Waking Up During the Night

Reasons for waking up throughout the night can vary depending on the person. Tips for easing yourself back to sleep include:

  • Leaving the room when you feel restless laying in bed awake can train your head that your bed is not a place for sleeping

  • Do something calming such as reading a book, or another activity that avoids too much stimulation

  • Meditation has also been shown to improve sleep quality

Waking Up Tired

Waking up feeling dazed and sleepy is common for adults, the stage of sleep you are woken up in can have an impact on whether or not you wake up feeling unrested. Here are some tips on waking up feeling more refreshed:

  • Trusting the process of your body waking up even if it takes longer some mornings

  • Getting sunshine can send the message to your internal clock that it is time to start your day, if natural daylight isn’t an option a light box can work as an alternative

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