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Have You Tried any of These Wellness Products?

This last year, there has been an increase in home workouts, home cooking, and at-home self-care habits. There are various products and devices that may help you to achieve your wellness goals in this new environment.

Here are some products that your wellness intern has recently read about that might prove helpful in achieving some of your wellness goals.

  • Fitness

    • BalanceFrom: Colored Neoprene Coated Dumbbell Set with Stand

      • This set comes with three different dumbbells, and sell for under $50

  • Therabody: Theragun Mini

    • This is a message device that can soothe muscles and relieve aches and pains at home.

  • Tangram: Smart Rope

    • This jump rope provides an easy at home workout, and is easy to store. This smart rope tracks your progress on an LED display.

  • Self-Care

    • Vitruvi: Porcelain Essential Oil Diffuser

      • This diffuser can provide stress relief, calming and sleeping benefits through aromatherapy.

    • Bloomscape: Tough Stuff Collection

  • Adding some plants to your home space can create a cozier space, and freshen up a room.

  • Flexispot: Stand Up Desk Converter

    • A standing desk can allow you to avoid sitting all day, this desk can hold a monitor, keyboard, and other tech accessories.

  • Home

    • The Works: Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

      • Aromatherapy is a trick that can help a lot of people fall asleep and stay asleep. This scent is infused with lavender, chamomile, and vetiver oils.

    • Lord Jones: High CBD Formula Bath Salts

  • If baths are your form of self-care, these bath salts can provide a tension relieving treatment.

  • Insights Journal: Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

    • This is a perfect journal for those new to journaling or unsure where to start. It contains helpful prompts.

  • Supplements - Always consult your physician before implementing any new supplement regime, they will be the best resource to determine if it’s right for you and your body)

    • Sakara: The Foundation

      • These are daily pill packs that have everything you need: two multivitamins, a probiotic, minerals, an omega and a B complex while being clean and vegan.

    • Hum Nutrition: Here Comes the Sun

      • These are vitamin D supplements, they are plant based softgels.

    • Golde: Matcha Turmeric

      • Superfood blends are a great way to start your day and can be mixed with water, milk or smoothies. This one boosts metabolism and energy.

*PCC Wellness advises you to consult with your doctor before implementing a new regimen into your daily routine to ensure it is right for you. We are sharing products that have peaked our interest and encourage each one of you to conduct your own research before deciding on trying out or purchasing any products; not just the ones on this list or on this website.

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