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Health Living 2021

Over the last, almost two years, life has changed for a lot of people dramatically. Even with living in a technology driven world, we still find challenges in creating a ‘normal

feeling’ life while navigating the pandemic. With these changes finding ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle has proven to be challenging for some, including myself. What does healthy living look like in 2021 and in the future? How do we create longevity for ourselves and pass that on to future generations? What resources are out there to support and educate us?

The website has a plethora of topics and educational materials on life extension and healthy living. They have monthly magazines covering different topics. For example, September’s issue discussed preventing age-related vision loss and August’s issue covered how Lithium extends lifespan and slows brain aging. It is a subscription style website but they clinical researchers who are constantly trying to find new gateways to wellness and vitality.

Purdue Global has put together a list of health and wellness blogs to follow in 2021. While this list is said to have been made for students to help maintain healthy living while in school a lot of the blogs can be applied to anyone. The website is

In regards to longevity of life, one longevity expert suggests these six ‘non-negotiable’ diet, exercise and sleep rules for a longer, stronger life:

1. Regular checkups: getting regular checkups and yearly physicals creates the ability for prevention, early detection and age-related declined due to disease.

2. Let food be thy medicine: poor diet is a top contributor to noncommunicable disease worldwide. Eat more plants, avoid processed foods, drink more water and include healthy fats in your diet.

3. MOVE!: get at least fifteen to twenty-five minutes of moderate exercise a day. Studies have found that this alone can extent life from three to seven years depending on other health factors.

4. Eat early, and less often: intermittent fasting (when done correctly and safely) contributes to better health outcomes.

5. Constantly work on quitting bad habits: lower alcohol intake, lower sugar intake, quit smoking.

6. Make sleep your superpower: Studies have shown less sleep can lead to a shorter life. It is also proven that there are relationships between inadequate sleep and different health issues. It is best to aim for at least seven hours of sleep per night.

While a lot of these rules seem pretty standard they are the core guidelines to creating a longer and healthier life.

I am sure another google search can lead to even more resources and educational tools but this is a good start. The rules suggested seem relatively easy to follow and making small changes overtime will make the lifestyle change even easier. With technology and research being a revolving door there will be more resources and research based suggestions tomorrow. But good sleep, healthy eating and exercise seem to be the core to most healthy living and life extension resources.


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