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Reflect on 2020 & Look Ahead to 2021

If you're like me, you're probably looking back at this year and thinking "Sheesh, is it over yet?!" Well folks, 2020 is almost done and amidst the tragedy that has hit many of us, and the despair you may have felt at one point or another, we still have so much to be thankful for.

2021 awaits us and this coming year will be determined by the decisions we make right now!

It goes without mention that 2020 has tested us in ways we never thought it would. Think back to this time last year, December 2019... Where were you? Who were you with? I was in Puerto Rico with my sister visiting family and there was no way I would have imagined 2020 like this, at all!

This year has asked so much of us. 2020 has asked us to work from home, learn technology that we've never touched before and facilitate hands-on classes online. 2020 has asked us to communicate with our loved ones from afar, sign up for applications like ZOOM, cancel vacations, cancel birthday parties, cancel memorials, and say farewell to loved ones we will never be able to hug again. I don't know about you but I have experienced every single one of these and more. 2020 has affected me in ways I never thought I could be affected.

In the past year I have felt confused, sad, frustrated, angry, relieved, angry again, confused again, and lost. I contemplated leaving my job, leaving the state, selling my house, selling everything I owned... all rash decisions that I would never normally make...kind of like the year 2020, not normal. Have any of you felt this way?

With that said, I knew I HAD to do something to keep me from sinking into the quicksand of bad decisions and bad feelings. What did I do and what can you do too?

Additionally, I cannot stress enough the value behind sharing how you feel with someone other than yourself; anyone else besides the person looking back at you in the mirror. For me, it was calling my mom and dad, and also sharing with my best friend. Not only that, but talking with a licensed professional.

What does that look like for you? Do you have someone you can call? If the answer is YES, then DO IT! If you are struggling to think of someone that you might be able to share with, have you contemplated reaching out to a professional?

Did you know that PCC employs Jorgensen Brooks, our very own Employee Assistance Program, that allows you 6 FREE counseling sessions per issue? Well, now you do. Connect with them at 520-575-8623.

In situations like this, we cannot continue to blame outside influences for an extended period of time. That will surely be our downfall.

We MUST focus on the things we CAN control!

We MUST recognize in ourselves when we need to reach out for help.

We CANNOT stay in these dark feelings because our lives depend on it.

We MUST survive this moment of despair so that we can enjoy the bright and awesome things that are to come.

You may not see those bright and awesome things right now, but finding someone to help you find that, is nothing to be ashamed of.

I've done it, many of your colleagues have done it, and if you're thinking twice about talking to someone...stop hesitating and reach out now!

Here is the direct number to Jorgensen Brooks where you will be connected to a professional who is READY to chat. Make sure you mention you are an employee of PCC.


Jorgensen Brooks

Thank you so much for reading everyone!

I wish you all a happy holiday and can I just add: I am so grateful to be a part of such a great team, a wonderful family here at Pima Community College.

Take care of yourself, YOU deserve it!


Laura Morales

Program Manager, Wellness

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