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Screen Time, it's through the roof!

If your computer calculated your total screen time… how many hours would you see? Those of you with smartphones, did you know that there is a feature that will tell you how many minutes & hours you have looked at your screen. Interesting right?

Have you found, especially in this current environment, that you are spending more time in front of your computer...what about your TV or your phone? Your PCC Wellness team admits the time we spend in front of our screens has definitely increased in the last year and a half.

Recognizing that you might be spending too much time in front of a screen can be difficult because if you’re still working from home, this is how we connect to the outside world.

Putting into action steps to decrease screen time can seem near impossible, but it’s not! It will however involve patience, dedication, and willpower. Taking a look at our current screen time habits and deciding to make a change all comes down to consistency and balance. Starting small can inspire and motivate us and over time, we can develop healthy habits.

What we’re referring to is a “digital detox.” A move toward a digital detox can be as small as five minute breaks throughout the day. These habits can assist towards decreasing screen time and overall satisfaction in your day and help with mental health!

  1. Clean it up: Organizing your phone or laptop in a way to make it less tempting to keep checking them can be helpful. This can be done by closing tabs when you're done with them, and moving social media apps off your home screen. This can be an easy switch. These apps that may be beneficial to move can be found oftentimes in your screen time function in your settings. Once these steps are accomplished, time limits and scheduled downtime can be set.

  2. Set boundaries: Taking breaks during the day can increase your productivity. Dividing your time between your workday and breaks can allow you time away from work that is required from you. When the workday is over, your phone and laptop can be used as a reward. Putting your phone away during meals, and storing it in a place away from you can allow for a proper screen break.

  3. Do not disturb: A digital detox throughout your week has been seen to be beneficial. A weekend day off can assist you in being ready for the week on Monday. This time can be spent with activities such as a puzzle or mindfulness coloring book. Turning off notifications can help you detach for a bit and prevent becoming absorbed in your screens.

  4. Treat yourself: Replace your nightly or morning scroll with something that feels gratifying. This can include journaling, skincare, or a time for mindfulness before your day ends or begins.

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